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There are many ways to stake your claim to treasure at a Luxe auction.  Think of Luxe as your trusted compass in your quest for rare & intriguing pieces for your collection.  With offices  in Palm Beach, London & Dubai, we specialize in bringing the hunt for fresh finds to your doorstep.


Luxe's Live & Online Auctions offer the best of both worlds in every auction - enjoy the excitement of the hammer dropping whether watching online in the comfort of your office, home, or vacation destination or joining us in person.  From anywhere in the world, you may choose from leaving an absentee bid online or by fax, speaking with a clerk by phone who is standing in the middle of the action advocating for you, bidding in real time online as you watch and hear the auctioneer take bids, or raising your paddle in the saleroom live on location.  The choice is yours, and that next find awaits your registration.

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Ways to Bid
Absentee Bidding
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For the bidder who anticipates too full a calendar to closely monitor bidding on auction day but does not want to be left out of his/her chance to win.  After registering to bid for Luxe auction, simply fill out our short Absentee Bidding Form either online or download and print.  Return it to Luxe via online upload, email to, fax, mail, or hand it to Luxe staff at one of our offices.  Be sure to check your email for confirmation of our receipt and processing of your Absentee Bid.  Then, on the day of the auction, rest easy or keep busy as Luxe clerks execute your bidding to your specifications for you.  Should your bid be successful, you will be notified within 48 hours of the auction via email with how to proceed with your purchase.

Phone Bidding

For the bidder who prefers to rely on person to person phone communication in real time during the auction (or prefers to leave the reliability of their internet connection out of the equation), we offer phone live bidding.  After registering to bid for an auction, simply complete our short Absentee/Telephone Bidding Form, selecting the Telephone Live Bid Option.  Complete online or download and print.  Return it to Luxe via online upload, email to, fax, mail, or hand it to Luxe staff at one of our offices.  Be sure to check your email for confirmation of our receipt and processing of your request to bid live by telephone.  Then, on the day of the auction, the clerk assigned to execute your bids on your behalf will contact you prior to the start of the auction to walk you through the process and arrange a later call during the auction.  The clerk will reach out again shortly before your lot is called so you are still a part of the action, placing your bids in real time for you as you see fit.  Should you be successful, you should be so appraised by the clerk, and Luxe will send you an email confirmation and invoice within 48 hours of the auction's end.

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Online Bidding
Mobile Phone
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Bidding online, our most popular option, affords a variety of flexibility.  Just do not forget to register to bid prior to the auction!  You may enter your bid at any time on any lot once bidding opens a few weeks prior to the auction.  At that time, you may elect to go ahead and submit your highest bid (which will continue to act on your behalf as others bid).  Later, you may change your mind and decide to raise your highest bid or simply execute another incremental bid.   Come auction day, you have the option to take bidding a step further still.


Always on the go but never without your phone?  Prefer the comfort of home to sit back and watch the action unfold on your laptop? Or maybe you will be in the office but have a plan to keep a browser open on the auction? Luxe has everyone covered.  And it has never been easier.  Register to bid, set up alerts for your watchlist, and come back to the Luxe website on auction day to watch and participate live, in real time, as the Auctioneer takes your bids right along with those present.  Squeak in that last bid before the hammer falls.  Our robust online platform will make it easy, enjoyable, and fun.  No matter where you are in the world, we always have your digital seat in the saleroom ready on auction day.

Bid in Person

And last, but most certainly never least, for the bidder who has the time and loves the thrill of a premium live auction at a beautiful locale, we have the option of In Person Bidding at each and every live auction held by Luxe.  It will be an elegant, entertaining, and at times, truly thrilling experience not to be missed.

Begin with one of our Preview Days held close to the auction date at a stately, often historic location.  Soon to follow, the Auction Day promises to be worth the valuable time of Luxe clients.  Register to bid in advance for the smoothest and fastest entry.  Pick up your paddle and save your seats.  Feel the excitement and the pulse of bidding live with Luxe!

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Ready to register to bid for our next auction?  Open your account and start the process.


Have additional questions?   You may find the answers in our Buying FAQ or you are welcome to Contact Us.  We are happy to assist you.

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